Monday musings in Target

Yes… Target. I promise, I’ll explain. But first: Have you ever had that experience where you read something in the Bible, you think “yeah.. read that, heard it a million times… really would like to understand a new nugget but I got nothing?” The classic story of Jesus temptation in Matthew chapter 4 has always… Continue reading Monday musings in Target

The Undoing

Today at church the pastor spoke of one of the (seemingly) smaller pieces of what happens after Jesus’ crucifixion and before his resurrection. It’s a passage of scripture that can easily be brushed over in any given reading, if you do not stop to understand the reason why it’s in the text: [Matthew 27:51] “…at… Continue reading The Undoing

The Three Trees

I have a bit of a funny story to share. Earlier in December as we were decorating for Christmas, I was talking with Maddie about Christmas traditions and how we should start some new ones now that we are here. Out of curiosity, I asked which of the traditions we had that she remembered the… Continue reading The Three Trees

What is freedom?

My new routine in the morning has me up, pets fed and out, by about 5:15 in the morning. Still dark, and pretty cold in the lower level of the house, I then like to curl up in a really fuzzy blanket, hop on the couch, and pray for a bit to start my day.… Continue reading What is freedom?

Pea Soup

Earlier this week, I woke up one morning at 4:30. I had not planned on waking up that early, but I was wide awake – and for some reason I could not wait to get out for a run. It was a cool morning – in the 50’s – and still completely dark, save the… Continue reading Pea Soup