Taking hold of…. what?

photo credit: Maia Press

So this blog goes out to all of you that feel like your faith story isn’t that cool.

No offense to those who tried everything they could in high school, have come out of addictions, were abused or in jail or gangs or big stuff like that. Your stories AMAZE me and I praise God for all He has done to save you and make you new. But I need to talk to the folks who didn’t take that route for a minute, so please have some grace here. Feel free to skip this post if you want.

This one is for the church kid, or the good kid who maybe felt like they were in the minority. You weren’t perfect by any stretch, but you didn’t really do anything hugely wrong, nothing that would have gotten you arrested or made your parent’s too embarrassed. This is for the 20 something that has done some growing up and figured out some things about themselves and come to faith with much searching, or anyone who has come to follow Jesus without all the huge fanfare or lightning bolt experiences.

The bible spends a lot of time in the New Testament talking about how much God has redeemed us from our old sinful ways, out of darkness, and planted us into His kingdom of light. Think of me what you will, but probably the first decade I was a Christian I had a really hard time identifying with this – precisely because I was a “good kid”. I willingly called Jesus my Savior because I was taught that He had forgiven me, but I had a hard time knowing exactly WHAT he had forgiven me of. I had gone to church off and on through much of my childhood, yet I can never recall a time that I ever felt like an enemy of God.

Everyone else’s stories seemed so drastic, so black and white. They seemed so much “cooler” and “better”. There didn’t seem to be room for a story where being drawn to Jesus because his people made me feel accepted me, and actually liked me for me. There’s nothing dramatic about that, I thought.

So for the longest time, when people would ask about “my story” – the answer in my head was always:


Who is going to think anything of how God found me? It’s not this glamorous story that could win crowds or convince people of His reality because its so unbelievable.

Have you ever felt that way? Maybe your story is similar, or maybe you have always just believed and known that God was real, and your journey was one of being more and more faithful, or maybe you had more of a logical conversation with the Lord and He won you with reason. You see, it’s not just people who are saved out of the big huge horrible things that have stories of God saving them.

You have a story too.

Philippians 3:12 says “… I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me”

Yes, God took hold of Paul in a drastic way. Geez, he was killing people that didn’t believe what he believed at the time. I think God HAD to be drastic. But the reality is that if you are a follower of Jesus, he took hold of you for a reason.

You have a redemption story.

Jesus knew, even if you didn’t (or still don’t know) that you had insecurities and fears that needed to be chased out of your life. He knew that you hid your true self for fear of what others would think, or that you were running from the dreams that He gave you. He knew your perfectionism was crippling, your relationships shallow because you couldn’t go but so deep, your hidden hurts that you gave up on time healing.

The reason those don’t seem huge to us is because we inevitably find ways to deal with them, with or without Jesus.

But Jesus took hold of you to restore you into what you were meant to be. However much of that you understand now, there is ALWAYS more to uncover. Day after day I know so desperately I need Jesus. My story may not be one that will ever draw a crowd or have a movie or a book written about it, but Jesus has claimed ground in my life I never knew I had lost. He has filled in broken places my younger self didn’t know were hurting.

Jesus took hold of you out of your own personal darkness – and brought you into His light. Even if your story doesn’t seem “huge” in the eyes of the world… it’s huge to God.

Jesus tells a story of how a shepherd will leave the flock to find ONE missing sheep. You are that sheep, and God came to find you because you were worth finding.

If you have never taken time to think about your story – it’s time to do it. Find some time away from the bustle of life, quiet your busy mind, and be daring enough to ask the Lord what He sees in you. I bet it’s amazing!

By Tama Nguyen

I'm an avid reader, tea drinker, and outdoor adventure seeker. I am convinced that God is still out to fix this broken world, and He uses us to do it. Chasing after things that matter...

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