Part 1: From Afraid to Affirming – my journey

Deconstruction is a word that, whether read in someone’s story or mentioned in a conversation over a meal, there is a mental sigh that I sit into, thinking “ah… you too, huh?” Although it takes on different forms and may land people in different places, it most always involves some sort of re-evaluating of the… Continue reading Part 1: From Afraid to Affirming – my journey

You’re my favorite

The Thursday I arrived in Breckenridge for a weekend retreat with the women of our new church, I received the news that one of my uncles, who had been battling cancer the past six months, went to be with the Lord. Needless to say it was not the start to the weekend I had hoped… Continue reading You’re my favorite

Taking Possession

  Ok, first things first:   Yes, this is a picture of the sunrise over the construction empty space near our house. I chose this for two reasons. One, the parallel of the sunrise to new understandings, as I talk about later in the blog, and two, because like sitting and enjoying the sunrise requires… Continue reading Taking Possession

Taking hold of…. what?

photo credit: Maia Press So this blog goes out to all of you that feel like your faith story isn’t that cool. No offense to those who tried everything they could in high school, have come out of addictions, were abused or in jail or gangs or big stuff like that. Your stories AMAZE me… Continue reading Taking hold of…. what?

Switching Over

I’ve decided to switch my blogging platform and change the name of the site. I’m not guaranteeing that there will be more posts, but the reality is that I am not here to make a name for myself. That honor belongs to Jesus alone. So, since Jesus is the author of the very life I… Continue reading Switching Over